”Ookini” means
"Thank you"
in Osaka dialect.

We wish someday "Ookini" will be all around the world.

The idea behind
idea behind
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Rice “Ookini Onigiri features a
sweetness and umami flavor
that linger on the palate”
Ookini Onigiri uses MATSURI premium short grain rice grown in California.
This rice features a fluffy, mochi-like texture.
Its stickiness, firmness, fragrance, and sweetness are well-balanced, going well with any and all toppings.
UME “Every grain of rice
is packed with
Ookini’s gratitude”
This Kishu nanko plum features a thin peel and plenty of flavorful fruit around a large pit.
The Ookini sweet and sour flavor and soft and smooth texture are luxurious!
In order to let customers taste the umami flavor near the pit, Ookini Onigiri is careful to use pickled plums with pits.
Enjoy this example of Japanese soul food, an essential at mealtime.
Salmon “Ookini’s gratitude for
each and
every salmon used”
Uses firm, whole salmon freshly caught on rivers.
We prepare this salmon with a secret method using carefully selected Hawaiian salt.
Enjoy this unique Ookini Onigiri that uses carefully grilled and sliced salmon.
Okaka “Ookini carefully preserves
traditional flavors”
Fish flakes from carefully selected chub and horse mackerel combined with authentically-brewed soy sauce and mirin and made using our own unique method.
The flavor of the fragrant sesame and the rich body of the soy sauce will whet your appetite.
Enjoy this carefully prepared masterpiece from Ookini Onigiri.
Spam “Ookini’s endless
Spam world!“
Ookini Onigiri’s Spam onigiri use Spam with 25% less sodium.
We pay careful attention to the balance of how the umami of the Spam affects the five tastes, the meat texture of the Spam, and the seasoning.
This is an amazing Ookini Onigiri!!
And by adding other ingredients, it can be made into a truly unique Ookini Spam onigiri.
Enjoy Ookini’s endless Spam world!
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken “Brilliant golden brown
Ookini fried chicken“
In order to maximize the flavor of the chicken, we rub it carefully with pineapple and a secret, fragrant tare sauce.
You will become addicted to the crunchy and aromatic breading and chewy, juicy meat of this fried chicken!
Ookini fried chicken is big and tropical!



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